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At the beginning of each year, most of us make numerous resolutions to get more physically fit, save money or improve our credit score.  I remember before I started my family, I was concerned about my credit score.  It was honestly not very good.  When I was eighteen I started receiving so many credit card offers in the mail and was so excited that I could finally have a credit card that I accepted a lot of the offers.  Being in college and not knowing how to properly manage my income, debt, and expenses, I ended up maxing out almost all of my credit cards in a short period of time and my credit score suffered from the mismanagement of my income and credit lines.  

After a few years of low credit, I knew I needed to repair my credit score to prepare for having a family, purchasing a new vehicle and overall financial security.  I decided to become really proactive about raising my credit score and worked at repairing my credit by paying all of my bills on time, taking any extra income I had each month and paying down my credit card bills and properly managing my expenses and income.  After a few years of paying down my debt and making all of my payments on time, my credit score was significantly improved and I was able to purchase a new vehicle and maintain my good credit after having children.  I know that so many of us are affected by low credit scores for numerous reasons, but I think what unites most of us is not quite knowing what to do or where to start to repair it.  I remember feeling so incredibly lost when I was first getting started on repairing my credit score and I know many of you feel the same.

If you've found yourself in a situation of low credit and you're not sure what to do or how to repair your credit so you can purchase a home or new vehicle or just feel more financially secure with control of your finances, can be an amazing resource for you!  Your credit score won't fix itself and although it can feel overwhelming to know where to start to repair your credit score, can help.  It's not just their name, it's literally what they do!  Your credit score isn't written in stone and it's incredibly easy to kickstart your credit repair with a free consultation from

Having a better credit score can not only improve your interest rates if you're interested in purchasing a vehicle or home, but it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in high interest rates over gives you a personal online dashboard that tracks your credit score, creditor and bureau interactions, monitors and analyzes your credit and they even have a mobile app so you can access all of this information anytime or on the go!  Everyone deserves an accurate and fair credit report and having help from's credit advocates are empowering and invaluable during your credit repair process.

If you're needing help repairing your credit, I can't tell you how amazing of a resource is!  They are a leading provider of credit repair services in the United States and can help you understand what bad credit may be costing you and how to start improving it!  They believe that everyone deserves to achieve a higher credit score and enjoy a lifestyle with greater opportunities by implementing long-lasting lifestyle changes that can provide you the ability to access your financial dreams!  I can personally attest to the reduced interest rates and financial security that I have achieved after repairing my own credit score after years of income and credit line mismanagement.

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