I'm so excited to finally have the time to sit down and write this post for you all!  I've had so many questions about my favorite things after having Heath so I wanted to share them here.  First of all, to any new mama's about to go thru the post-partum period of life please give yourself grace and enjoy every second of it.  Yes, it's hard and tiring but also one of the most special times in your life.

Okay, so to start off I recommend having a few comfortable undergarments and lounge clothes for relaxing in and snuggling with baby.  I lived in my Feather Bra  after having Heath because it feels like you are wearing nothing but provides support which is so nice when you're engorged and uncomfortable.  Even though it's not a nursing bra I didn't find it difficult to nurse in, I would just push it down underneath my breast on the side I was nursing on at first.  I also wore my Lilova Period Proof Underwear for the first few weeks when I was bleeding post partum.  It's actually a really neat concept and is underwear that can hold bleeding without having to wear large pads.  I found it perfect for those first few weeks were you can have random bleeding after having a baby and it was so nice not having to wear a pad 24/7.

As for my comfy post-partum clothes, I lived in my MotherFigure sweatshirt, leggings and nursing pads.  Their sweatshirt is super soft and cozy so it was perfect for lounging around the house all day in.  I sized up one for a cozier, more relaxed fit.  Their leggings are hands down the BEST leggings I own and I don't say that lightly.  They can be worn during pregnancy, post-partum and beyond and have been so nice to have.  They are super stretchy while also giving you comfortable support.  I always felt supported and comfortable and love that they are leak proof with a built in liner.  They also make the cutest mama hair clip that I need in every color!

Another thing I loved while pregnant and post-partum was my MaeBand!  It's a waistband extender that you can use on your pants, jeans or skirts as your belly grows.  It's perfect while pregnant and also post-partum so that you can wear all of your favorite clothes even if your waist isn't back to it's pre-pregnancy size just yet.  I actually use my MaeBand on a pair of jeans still 7 months post-partum so they're great even past pregnancy.  They come in different sizes and colors too!  

Lastly, I loved having my VitaFusion Fiber gummies and Tucks pads post-partum.  I loved the fiber gummies for after delivery to make going to the bathroom a little less scary and the Tucks pads for soothing down there after delivery.  I loved sticking my Tucks pads in the refrigerator before using them to make them extra soothing!  

What are some of your post-partum favorites?!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie