In 2021, I'm excited to start using Dryel products!  With two kids and boyfriend who works outdoors, their clothes tend to get messy, smelly and end up with stains constantly.  I've been looking for a solution to help remove stains from their clothes and keep them odor free and was recommended to try Dryel so I wanted to quickly go over some of their products and how I'm planning to use them in 2021!

The first product from Dryel that I'm incredibly excited to try is their On The Go Stain Pen.  I'm planning to keep one in my car, purse and one at home.  This pen helps remove fresh stains instantly from all fabrics, even dry clean only clothes, delicates and hand washable fabrics like wool, silk, rayon, linen and cotton.  When you squeeze the pen you use the scrubber like an eraser on your stain to eliminate it and blot excess product away.  It's very compact so you could easily take this out with you to dinner or on the go when you or your kids might need it!  You could also give one to your boyfriend to keep in his pocket too!

I also got a few of the Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner sets for the house.  It includes a Stain Pen, Odor and Wrinkle Releaser Spray and Dryel Bags with Cleaning Clothes.  This set helps you clean your special care clothes at home in minutes which is going to save you time and money.  It is also gentler than dry cleaning or wet washing and contains no harsh chemicals.  You use three steps.  First, you pre treat stains with the Stain Pen and spray high odor areas with the Odor & Wrinkle Releaser spray.  Second, you add 1 - 5 garments and one Dryel Activated Cleaning Cloth to the reusable Fabric Protection Bag and tumble in the dryer on medium heat for 15 - 30 minutes.  The Dryel Activated Cleaning Cloth and bag work together to steam clean your clothes in your own dryer.  Lastly, you hang your garments so  wrinkles fall out and wear your fresh clothes!  I'm very excited to use this on our sweaters and special care clothes.

If you have the product above and love it, Dryel also makes these At-Home Dry Cleaning Refill kits!  They come with eight Dryel Activated Cleaning Clothes, a Stain Pen and Odor & Wrinkle Releaser Spray to use just like the kit above.

Have any of you used Dryel products before?!  If so, how did you love them?  I'll definitely keep you  updated on my Dryel journey!

Cheers to a wonderful New Year ahead.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

*This post is sponsored by Dryel.