I've recently been taking an interest in gardening and growing my own vegetables and flowers at home.  It's something my kids have a lot of interest in too!  Living in an apartment currently, we don't have a yard or a lot of space to start our own actual garden so I've been researching options for us to be able to grow plants in our small space.  I learned about vertical gardening and wanted to share it with those of you interested in gardening too that either don't have a yard and space to garden like us or those of you that don't have enough space to grow everything you'd like in your current yard or garden.

Vertical gardening takes up less space then a traditional garden while allowing you to grow vegetables, vines, and even flowers!  In order to start your own vertical garden you need a vertical garden planter to keep your plants safe and secure.  There are many different designs but I love the Composting Vertical Garden Planter.  With a small amount of space, just four square feet necessary, you can grow up to 50 different plants.  I love that it has upgraded vermicomposting capabilities built in too!

I love the quality of the Garden Tower©  Composting Vertical Garden because you can grow organic produce at home with such little space needed.  I also love that it rotates 360 degrees and is made of 100% recyclable food contact grade plastic.  It would be so cute on our porch but would be great for any balconies too or even indoors, especially if you live in a colder climate.

If you already have a fence or an old chain link fence you could even use that for trellises and vertical garden structures too!  The best plants when starting out with vertical gardening are plants with short roots or plants that like to climb as you might imagine.  Some of my favorites are spinach, parsley, petunias and cucumbers!

Have you ever been interested in gardening at home but didn't have the space?  Definitely consider vertical gardening to meet your needs!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

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