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The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year, I love all of the sweet treats and yummy holiday coffees, but as someone who suffers from sensitive teeth it can be hard to enjoy all of the holiday festivities. My teeth are extremely sensitive to heat and sweets and can be triggered by all of my favorite holiday candies and hot coffees, like my favorite peppermint white mocha. I've been on the hunt for a product to help me beat my tooth sensitivity pain fast so I can go back to enjoying my favorite things about the season without discomfort from sensitivity. That's where Sensodyne Rapid Relief Whitening Toothpaste comes in. I decided to give it a try by adding it into my personal care routine morning and night to see this could do the trick. 

Starting to brush my teeth with Sensodyne Rapid Relief Whitening Toothpaste morning and night has helped me beat tooth sensitivity pain fast*. It is the #1 Dentist Recommended Brand for Sensitive Teeth, so I wasn't surprised it worked, but it was great to have it newly available in whitening so I can keep my teeth looking white and not have to sacrifice anything I love in my toothpaste! When brushing twice daily, you'll notice sensitivity relief within 3 days with long lasting protection. If you have sensitive teeth like I do, you know fast relief is everything! If there's anytime that's prompting you to give this toothpaste a try, it's definitely NOW with the winter months ahead. 

I know for myself, I especially want to enjoy my favorite holiday coffees and sweet treats without having to deal with the tooth sensitivity pain that comes along with them. It's important to note that I brush my teeth with this toothpaste every day morning and night, not just when my teeth are sensitive though. I am so grateful that I found Sensodyne Rapid Relief Whitening toothpaste to help give me proven pain relief in 3 days* so I can go back to enjoying all of my favorite holiday sweet treats and hot coffees, like my yummy peppermint white mocha!

 It's so nice to know that I can have relief during these holiday months and everyday in the future. Be sure to try it out for yourself at a local Kroger near you! I found Sensodyne Rapid Relief Whitening Toothpaste in the health and beauty aisle located near the pharmacy in my local Ralph’s. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

XOXO Cassie 

*Proven pain relief in 3 days with twice daily brushing