After having Heath, my youngest child, I remember being so happy holding my baby in my arms and so excited for our future ahead.  We had newborn photos to take shortly after his birth and I remember feeling like I had to choose something that didn't cling to me and was a dark color because like so many other women, I was having issues with bladder leaks and bleeding off and on.  This lasted for weeks after having him and it really affected how I felt about myself and the activities I would do.  I was always worried about leaks when I was out and often would just choose to stay at home.  I recently discovered the new One by Poise® 2-in-1 Protection for Period Weeks and Bladder Leaks™ and am so excited to share them with you today!  If I had these pads after having Heath, they would have seriously changed my life and the way I lived the first few months after having my son.

The new One by Poise® 2-in-1 pads are incredible because they are uniquely designed for period's and bladder leaks at the same time!  These pads would be absolutely perfect for any postpartum moms, or even busy moms that are constantly on the go during their periods that don't have time to worry about picking different outfits or undergarments because of their uncomfortable and bulky pads that leak.

As women, we don't need to waste anymore time using bulky pads that don't work. Lets trade up to a better experience with the new One by Poise® pads for a better postpartum and period week experience.  Not only are these pads not bulky, they also offer dryness and odor control benefits too.

The new One by Poise® pads have become a part of my usual self care routine during period weeks now.  I love that I can place them in my weekly Walmart online grocery order for in store or curbside pick up and store them in my bathroom for whenever I need them next.  You can also purchase them in store at Walmart!

My favorite part about using the new One by Poise® pads is that I can chase my kids around the park and even do yoga during period weeks and I don't have to worry about bulky pads, excessive wetness, leaks or odors!  I can just go on with my usual schedule without any worries at all.

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XOXO Cassie

This post is sponsored by KCC Feminine Care, but all opinions are my own.