Outfit Details:

I love this shirt that Doc Shorty sent over for me to wear.  It is incredibly soft.  If you are familiar with the Home T shirts, this one feels the exact same as those!  Doc Shorty has great prices, comfortable shirts and they donate 10% of their profits to multiple sclerosis research.  I love supporting companies that give back in any way.  It always makes me feel good about my purchases!

These mules are so comfortable to walk in too, even while chasing a toddler around so you know they're good.  It's funny because I never wanted a pair of mules before, but look at me now! Haha!  Never say never.  I love these and wear them all the time.

The message of this shirt definitely hits home too.  I feel like as we get older we get stuck in ruts sometimes.  We may get stuck at a job that isn't for us or that we know we aren't passionate about.  Or we may be so focused on the day to day responsibilities that we have that we forget about what we really want to do in life, what inspires us and motivates us to be better people.  When you're young I feel like it's so much easier to dream or to tell yourself you will do all of the things you dream about one day, but when you get older it becomes much more difficult.

Ever since having Lilly, I've realized just how short life really is and what life is really all about.  I want to live everyday to the fullest and not waste time on things that are not what I want out of life!  I hope to continue to always follow my dreams and do the very best I can at everything I do to be the best inspirational role model I can be to my little girl.

What are some of your daydreams?!  Let's make them a reality :)

Happy Friday friends and thanks for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie