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 Let's talk about something that every momma has to do regularly, buy diapers.  I feel like I've spent a fortune on diapers since Lilly was born and we have tried numerous different brands of diapers in the past two years.  Before Lilly was born, I had to decide whether I would do cloth diapering or disposable.  Although it was a hard decision, in the end I decided disposable would be easier for our lifestyle and needs.  This diaper guide from Consumer Reports really helped me weigh the pros and cons of both options.

Even though I choose disposable diapers, I still had so many choices!  It can be overwhelming, especially for a new mama.  I really loved using this guide on Choosing the Best Disposable Diaper to help me decide.  After trying a lot of the major brands and finding out that Lilly had sensitivities to a lot of them, I had to explore the more natural options.  I was surprised at how many options I still had, so I referred to this review on the major natural diaper brands.

Because up until very recently I had been a single working mother, finding the time to run out for diapers after work was a challenge.  Thankfully I found Diapers.com!  They have free 1-2 day delivery on orders over $49 and they carry almost every diaper brand you can imagine which is a huge life saver.  There is also so many diapers.com coupon codes to save even more money, which was much needed being a single momma!

I encourage you to check out diapers.com and their coupon codes to save money on all your baby and toddler essentials and share this post with your momma friends so they can too!

Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite diaper brand is for your little ones before heading out, I'm so curious!

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