Products Mentioned:

My love for iTCosmetics is no surprise to anyone.  It's my ride or die makeup brand and probably always will be.  Their products always seem to be hits for me.  This bye bye pores primer and under eye illumination concealer are no exception.  The primer smooths my skin and hides any texture or pores that seem to be showing that day and the concealer is very full coverage just like their original formula but it provides a little more dewiness and illumination which I love because I have super dry skin!  

As for highlighting and contouring, I love using the iTCosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi palette and the Rimmel Kate Sculpting Kit.  They both are amazing for different reasons!  I love the soft bronzer color in the Rimmel kit for contouring and the Je Ne Sais Quoi palette for highlighting.  The highlight is soft and perfect for day time (but if you want to take it to night just use some Fix+ on your brush before applying).  As for blush, I've been loving mixing the blush in the Je Ne Sais Quoi palette and the Rodial blush.  They make the perfect color for my cheeks and last all day.

For the girl who has no lashes (i.e.- ME!), this Rimmel mascara is amazing.  It helps tint your lashes after constant use for around 2 weeks and it really does do that!  I love that it helps my natural lashes look darker and more prominent, but I find I don't get quite enough length with it so I usually layer this mascara on top.

I've raved about Olly vitamins many times before and this time is no exception.  They are always top notch and I've even got Lilly on the Olly Kids Superfood Multivitamin and she loves them!  The undeniable beauty gummies have made such a different in my hair, skin and even my nails.  I'm so impressed with these!  My sister has even started taking them after seeing how much stronger my nails are and how shiny and thick my hair is!  I also love the restful sleep gummies for those nights my mind is racing and I need to get some rest.  I don't think they put you to sleep, but more so help you fall to sleep and sleep better.  My brother is a night owl and has stolen these so many times that I finally made him get his own bottle.  I can't recommend Olly enough!

A lot of you have been asking about my lip colors lately from my blog and Instagram posts and these three lip products are almost exclusively what I've been using!  I start with the Rimmel lipstick and this lip balm (which is the best lip balm ever btw!).  Next, if I'm going for a more nude lip I use the rehydrating lip glaze which gives my lips a light pink sheen.  I love it!  If I'm wanting to be more bold that day, then I'll opt for the lip shine which is SO glossy and gorgeous.  I wear this most days of the week.  I highly recommend all of these lip products!

Hello Holiday parties, I'm ready!  Ha ha, but seriously this contour body kit is amazing, especially if you've been eating one too many holiday treats lately like me.  I mostly use it on my legs and I love how it makes them look so toned and tan with a little bit of highlight.  I use the tinted glow gel to give my legs a nice bronze glow and then I use the contour stick and illuminating fluid on the hollows and high points of my calves and thighs to give them a nice sculpted, toned glow.  I even use the illuminating fluid on my shoulders!  I would definitely recommend trying these out if you are as contour and makeup obsessed as me!

Talk about a life saver.  This Aveda hand moisturizer is seriously God-sent.  I use it constantly.  I wash my hands tons of times throughout the day, so my hands are normally dry, but the winter has made them substantially worse.  This moisturizer keeps my hands feeling soft for hours, which is a miracle!  I can't recommend this enough.

This pencil kit from BHue Beauty is so neat!  The pencils are safe to use on your entire face which makes them super versatile.  I love using them as lip liners and eyeliners the most!  They would make the perfect holiday gift with their adorable bedazzled ends. :)

XOXO Cassie

*All products mentioned in this post were provided c/o, however, all opinions are my own.