Outfit Details:

You may or may not be surprised that my dress obsession has continued.  Honestly, this summer I have been living in sun dresses and joggers.  Today I rounded up all of my jeans and plan on donating them this week. I've gained a little too much weight this past year (maybe it's my sugar addiction or maybe it's my thyroid problems), but none of my jeans were fitting right and they were all so uncomfortable.  So off they go!  I'm sure this winter I will invest in a few new pairs but until then you'll find me living in dresses. Sometimes you find a dress that just makes you want to twirl around like a little girl again.  The second I tried on this dress, that's exactly what I did.  This dress is insanely comfortable and can easily transition from a day at the beach in flip flops to a dinner date with heels and a bold lip.  The shape and cut of it are very forgiving and would look cute on any shape or size, even if you're pregnant!  

What are some of your favorite summer dresses lately!?

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XOXO Cassie