Outfit Details:

If you've been following me for a little while then you know since moving to California a few years ago, I've developed a deep love for the desert.  It's funny because I'm such a summer and beach girl at heart and would literally live at the beach if I could, but there is just something about the desert that feels so peaceful and at home to me.  I love the vastness, the cacti, unique flowers, palm trees, mountains and of course the Joshua Trees!  When I saw this desert dream' tee shirt, I knew I had to have it!  It is so cute and lightweight, so it's perfect for hot desert days.  This exact tee is a little short, so it pairs best with high waisted pants and skirts or overalls, unless you don't mind a little skin showing.

You know I live in dresses year round (I mean who likes pants?!?), but I also love a good skirt.  Finding a good quality skirt can be so hard though!  Since becoming a mom, I really need a skirt with a decent length so when I am bending over all day picking up Lilly and her toys I'm not flashing the entire world my goodies.  I also love a skirt that is a little high waisted and cinches at my waist because it's so incredibly flattering for those of us with mom pouches/food babies, you know the deal.  This exact one is sold out, but I linked two super cute alternatives for you all that meet all my mandatory skirt requirements! ;)  AKA-  perfect for us moms!

Is anyone else seriously ready for spring and summer?!  It's been so cold and windy in L.A. lately and it has me warm weather wishing like crazy!  I've always lived on the coast in warm weather and now I spend so much time out in the desert, so I feel like I am super susceptible to cold weather.  It's been in the 40s/50s lately here and I feel cold down to my bones.  I know that sounds so dramatic to most of you, but the cold just doesn't sit well with my body.  Props to all of you who live in cold climates!  I couldn't do it!  But you get beautiful snow so I guess you win.

P.S.- If you are wanting to visit Joshua Tree, I would recommend visiting September thru May.  The summers can be really brutally hot in the desert especially if you are not used to such extreme temperatures.  If you do decide to visit in the summer, make sure you stay hydrated, carry lots of extra water with you and stay in the shade as much as you can.  Besides that, have fun!  Joshua Tree is such a beautiful and unique place to visit.  Its beauty is indescribable and definitely something to see in person if you can.  Joshua Tree National Park also does not have cell service, just as an FYI.  I didn't know the first time I went and was caught off guard! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Love you guys so much!

XOXO Cassie