Flowers from 1-800-Flowers (get 15% off your order with code CASSIE15)

Happy Valentine's Day loves!  I am so excited for today!  I have a bunch of cute Valentine's themed crafts for me and Lilly to do together and we're going to get our nails painted at the nail salon as a treat!

Candy & Heart Shaped Box from Harry & David (get 20% off your order with code CASSIE)

We'll definitely also be stuffing our faces with all of the yummy candies we got from Harry & David!  They seriously make the best candies!

Me & Lilly had to get matching pink dresses for Valentine's Day!  I love these dresses and all the other cute mommy and me pieces ModerneChild has!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope your day is full of love!

XOXO Cassie