As a blogger, I have so many people reaching out to me on a regular basis about skincare, makeup and even different procedures and advice on what is best and why.  I love chatting about my favorite skincare and makeup products with you all and why I love them, but I have never had any cosmetic procedures done before, including fillers and Botox, so it's hard for me to offer any insight.  Although I've never had them done, I won't lie the thought has definitely crossed my mind and I have been wanting to get more information on what Botox does and what it can specifically be used for.  I was really excited when Dr. Andres Bustillo, MD reached out to me and wanted to share his experience with us all and give us more information on the most common uses of Botox. Dr. Andres Bustillo, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, FL and has been practicing for over 10 years!

Most Common Uses of a Botox Injection

Botox has become a common word for most people, but do you know what it is and how it can improve your looks? Well, it's a virtually painless and quick way for improving one's appearance and giving them a young, fresh look. If a patient wants to fight aging signs and regain vitality and vibrancy in their face, considering Botox first before a surgical procedure is a wise decision.

Cosmetic dermatology is all about assisting patients to feel good about whom they are and giving their lives back to them. Being a miracle cosmetic treatment due to its ability to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, Botox has become very popular. Your dermatologist is the only person who knows exactly how often and where you should take these injections. Is Botox a long-term solution or just a quick fix? How can you benefit from it? Keep reading to get more insights.

How it works

Botulinum toxin or Botox can simply be defined as a protein which is injected into a patient's muscles. It is designed to relax the muscle thus preventing it from contracting. Wrinkles and deep lines are formed as a result of the constant movement of muscles in your forehead and around the eyes. With Botox these muscles can be relaxed meaning wrinkles will not form in an area that has been treated.

Botox injections are normally done in a dermatology office. They will not prevent you from resuming your normal activities once you leave the cosmetics professional office –the recovery process isn't painful or lengthy. This means you will improve your appearance in no time. Initially, Botox was treated like a secret because no one could dare say its name. Things have changed now and Botox is a regular subject of conversation. This article will expand the dialogue by outlining the benefits of Botox when it comes to improving your looks.

  • Manages acne
When you get Botox injections, oil production on your facial skin will reduce as well as breakouts. Note that Botox injections for curbing oil production are administered in tiny amounts. What's more, you will be able to comfortably make facial expressions. If you want to get rid of acne for good, large doses of Botox need to be used to prevent the facial muscles from constricting.

  • Prevents the nose from sagging
When a patient is around forty, their nose may begin to sag and become hooked. This can make the entire face look droopy. Fortunately, Botox can assist in taking off those years in just ten minutes by lifting the nose. If you are getting this treatment, your doctor will need to inject Botox at the nose base –between your nostrils –so that the muscle which pulls a nose downwards is released. This will make the entire face appear lifted.

  • Provides a temporary face-lift
Did you know that Botox can help offer a temporary facelift? Of course, it can. When your dermatologist administers Botox injection on your face, you can easily shape your jaw, lift your nose tip, and relax the deep lines and wrinkles on your face.

  • Softens the chin and jawline
Due to grinding teeth, your jawline can widen over time. Your dermatologist can use Botox injections to shrink the muscle and ensure your jawline becomes narrow. Usually, the results can last up to a year and also provides additional positive effects like making the cheeks appear lifted as well as relieving the soreness and pain that occurs due to teeth grinding.

  • Lifts the lips
A style filler is not the only way to get youthful looking lips. When a dermatologist injects few drops of Botox along your upper lip border, your top lip will appear slightly plumper. This procedure is delicate compared to collagen injections and since it requires less Botox compared to other areas of your face, meaning it's less expensive.

  • Treat a drooping brow
A drooping draw also known as brow ptosis can make you look unhappy and tired even you are awake and feeling happy. Sometimes biological reasons may be the cause of the droop and you might be asked to exercise your facial muscles, eat vegetables, etc. However, the brow muscles can easily be relaxed by using Botox.

  • Limit excessive sweating
An individual who sweats unpredictably and excessively is said to have a medical condition known as Hyperhidrosis. Such people sweat even when they are resting or when the temperature is still cool. Botox can help inhibit excessive sweating. It prevents the sweating direction or command the brain has given, from reaching that intended muscle. Botox also acts as a shield for the glands that are responsible for sweating.

  • Smooth the neck
It's possible to erase horizontal wrinkles with a "Botox necklace". When tiny amounts of Botox are injected into your muscles, (the ones that are below and above the lines) on your neck then the muscles will relax and your skin will look smoother. Typically, neck muscles tend to enlarge and protrude as a person grows older and this results in the appearance of tight and thick cords. If this doesn't sound bad enough, the neck muscles including the face superficial muscles are connected to each other, meaning the neck muscles begin to pull the other facial features forward. Once again, Botox is the answer. By relaxing your neck muscles, the wrinkles will be softened and you will get a facelift and eradicate cords. This is usually a non-surgical facelift. While this may sound too good to be true, note that it works. But, Botox will break down after every three months so you will need to visit your dermatologist after every three months.

Dr. Andres Bustillo, MD would be delighted to talk to you regarding the potential benefits of Botox. He has been a plastic surgeon for more than ten years and is dedicated toward offering time-proven and advanced techniques available in plastic surgery. If you live in Miami and you are concerned about your appearance, then Botox may be just what you need.

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