A ponytail is one of my favorite go to hairstyles especially for days I have a lot to get done and I just want my hair out of my face for the day.  I used to wonder how some people had the cutest, perkiest ponytails while mine seemed to be loose and droopy.  While the thickness and length of your hair definitely play a in role in how perky your ponytail will naturally be, no matter how thick or long your hair is, you can achieve a perky ponytail with just a few simple tricks! 

The easiest way to achieve a perkier and bouncier ponytail is to add an extra elastic tie on top of the one you used to create your ponytail in the first place.  Make sure the first and second elastics you put in your hair are as tight as you can get them and layer them one on top of the other.  This will make your ponytail stick out more and appear perky and bouncy with minimal effort.  You can use elastic ties that match your actual hair color or you can take a small strand of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the two elastics to hide them and then either secure the hair into one of the elastics or with a bobby pin.  

Another trick that I love to use is stacking two ponytails on top of one another.  You start by separating your hair into two halves: a top and a bottom half.  I then like to start with the bottom half of my hair and pull it into a ponytail around the middle of the back of my head.  I then take the top half of my hair and put it into a ponytail right above the bottom one.  This gives your hair the illusion of being much longer and fuller in one ponytail.  You can even use this trick with the double elastic trick I just mentioned to make your hair look perkier, longer, fuller and bouncier at the same time.  You can also make your hair look even longer and fuller by adding hair extensions into your ponytail.  They can be the same length or a little longer than your natural hair which will give your ponytail a fuller, thicker and longer appearance than it would naturally have.

Since I have a lot of hair, I love to give myself an effortless, messy or undone ponytail look by giving my hair, especially around my scalp, extra texture with dry shampoo.  This gives my ponytail the, I woke up like this but it's still cute, kind of look.  I also love to tie ribbons around my ponytails as tight as I can to make them look perkier and give them a little something special.  It's always fun when your ribbon matches your outfit of the day too!  Another trick for a perkier ponytail is to add a small butterfly clip right underneath your ponytail so your hair lays on top of it giving it a perkier appearance.  You can achieve the same look by using two bobby pins that match the color of your hair and placing them on the elastic holding your ponytail on the underside of the ponytail.  Either way, you will achieve a perkier and bouncier ponytail and it only takes a minute or two to achieve!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie