One of my go to hair styles is curling my hair!  I love classic, effortless looking curls that last all day long.  Having been curling my hair for years now, I've nailed down my top favorite products for long lasting curls.  They will work for any hair type or length too!

If you are going to be using heat tools on your hair, it is extremely important that you are taking care of and protecting your hair before using any heat on it.  Heat tools can cause damage to your hair so anything you can do to protect and strengthen your hair before use is super important.  I love using Moroccan Oil on my hair after every shower by putting a quarter sized amount in my palms and running it through my hair starting with my ends and working my way up to my scalp.  If you have short hair a dime or nickel sized amount of oil will be just fine.  I let it air dry into my hair and then while I am heating up my curling wand, I spray a thermal protecting spray all over my hair.  My favorite is the OGX Quick Drying Thermal Spray because it smells amazing and I have noticed so much less damage to my hair since using it, but any thermal protection spray will work.  Make sure to let the thermal spray dry before you start curling your hair.

When curling my hair, I always brush out the section of hair before curling it using my Tangle Teezer.  It gets out every tangle with ease and makes my curls smooth and seamless.  I split up my hair into top and bottom sections and curl a 1"-1.5" section at a time.  I personally love T3 and Bed Head Styling tools to curl my hair, but any curling wand will work.  You can even use a hair straightener to curl your hair if it has rounded edges!  

After all of my hair is curled, I love to spray the Herbivore Sea Mist Beach Wave Hair Mist all over my hair.  It's made with lavender and sea salt and smells ahhhmazing!  This step isn't necessary but it gives my waves a natural, effortless look that I love.  I also like to spray a little dry shampoo at my roots to get a little extra texture and volume on my scalp.  My favorite dry shampoo at the moment is Living Proof's!  I then finish by spraying hair spray all over my hair.  I use a humidity blocking hairspray because it is always extremely humid where I live and it helps my curls last all day even if I'm outside in the humidity.  I would still recommend the OGX Humidity Blocking Hairspray if you live in a dry environment because it is extremely strong holding, smooths frizzy hair and doesn't feel crunchy at all.  It never feels like I even have hair spray on!

I always finish by brushing my hair out with the Tangle Teezer once more.  When I follow this routine my curls usually last anywhere from 3-5 days with small touch ups here and there.  I love that they last for so long because it makes doing my hair everyday so easy and it looks like I spent a ton of time on my hair when I really didn't!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie