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I've been growing my hair out for awhile and haven't dyed or cut it for most of the year! With the holidays and winter here, I've had the itch to change something about my hair and finally decided on changing the color a little bit. I've always wanted to go a little reddish-brown or strawberry blonde and decided to head to my local Sally Beauty to find a new hair color to try. As a busy mom, I almost never have the time to go to the hair salon for hours to get my hair cut and dyed so I've been dying my own hair ever since I had Lilly! It's really not as overwhelming as I thought it would be and is so convenient being able to do it at home (& way more affordable than going to a salon!).

At Sally Beauty I was talking to one of the associates and gravitated towards Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color. As we age, our hair tends to show five different signs of aging. It loses volume, manageability, color, moisture and shine. Being almost 30, I am starting to notice a lot of the signs of aging in my hair, especially with the loss of volume, moisture and shine. The Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color is the first hair color designed to help fight the signs of aging while giving you beautiful and rich hair color. The formula contains melanin, keratin peptides and silk proteins to replenish your hair and to penetrate deep into your hair follicles to deliver hair that is fuller, silkier and that radiates with shine. I went with 6RC Light Red Copper because the hair sample looked right in between strawberry blonde and a reddish-brown to me and I thought it would be perfect for what I was going for.

The hair color comes in a 2 ounce tube and you will have to purchase a developer as well which comes in a 4 oz tube. For the developer, 99% of the time 20 volume is the correct developer but you can always ask an associate for help if you are unsure. If you have super long or super thick hair you may need to purchase two of the 2 ounce hair color tubes, but it is personal preference. For most hair colors, the mixing ratio is 1 to 1 meaning that for every ounce of color you will need one ounce of developer. If you get the liquid color you will need to apply it with an applicator bottle, if you purchase a liquid-creme color you can apply the color with an applicator bottle or a bowl and brush. First measure out your developer and then add your color. I always wear a big, old t-shirt when coloring my hair and add Vaseline around my hairline so the color doesn't bleed onto my skin. Don't forget to use gloves when applying the color and do a patch test before use to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. I usually wait 24 hours after my patch test because I have very sensitive skin.

I used an applicator bottle to apply the color to my hair and waited a little over thirty minutes before rinsing it out and then shampooing and conditioning my hair as normal. I styled my hair the same as I did before so you could see the before and after! I am so in love with my new color and my hair feels so silky, soft, and shiny. I can't get over that my hair feels so good after coloring it! If you are noticing any signs of aging in your hair I can't recommend this hair color enough.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie