Milk Maid braids are one of my favorite go to hairstyles when I have little to no time to do my hair or if my hair is getting dirty and I don't have time to wash it that day.  You can do milk maid braids whether your hair is short or long but I have different tips for each hair length!  

Regardless of your hair length you'll want to section your hair into two sections - a left and right section.  You can make your milk maid braids a little on the messy side like I prefer too, or you can make them really perfect.  I usually just use my hands to separate my hair into two sections but you can also use a comb to make a perfect line separating your two hair sections in the back.  Once your hair is in two sections take a clear elastic tie or one that matches your hair color to put your hair into two low ponytails right behind your ears.  I always make sure to tuck my hair behind my ears before tying it in a ponytail.  If you have really long hair it is best to put the ponytail as low as you can.  If your hair is on the shorter side you can have the ponytails a little higher if you prefer.  

You then want to take your two ponytails and braid them in traditional braids secured with clear elastic ties at the bottom.  If you are going for a very polished and perfect look you will want to add a little finishing creme to your hair before braiding it to avoid potential fly away's and frizz in the final look.  If you are going for a more un-done look, don't worry about this step!  Make sure to braid your hair as far down as you can with as little hair left on the ends as possible.  You could change up the look and do fishtail braids in this hair style too if you prefer that look.  I typically prefer to do traditional braids because they are easier and much faster for me to do!  

You will then want to take the end of one of your braids and secure it behind the opposite ear with bobby pins.  Since I have very long and heavy hair, I also secure the braid on the top of my head with additional bobby pins.  If your hair is short and/ or thin you may not need this additional step, but I always prefer to secure it on the top of my head to keep it from moving throughout the day.  Then take your other braid and do the same by securing the end of it behind your opposite ear.  If you can, try to use bobby pins that match your hair color so they will be more disguised in the final look. 

If you decided to do your hair a little more "un-done" with this look, I love to pull out a few strands to frame my face and not worry so much if their is a little frizz or fly away's throughout the braids themselves.  The only other thing to do is pin back potential fly away's on the back of your head if you tend to get those like I do.  I just use the same bobby pins that I use to secure my braids into place.  

This look is perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep your hair off the back of your neck and out of your face!  I find milk maid braids very feminine and love to pair them with dresses or skirts in very girly looks.

What are some of your favorite ways to wear milk maid braids?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie