Hi Friends!  Since our big cross-country move I've had so many requests to share my new favorite home items that we've added to our home so I've decided to round them up here for you all!  A lot of these I have mentioned on my stories, so you've probably seen them before.  I'm also planning on doing a home tour for you all as soon as we are completely finished with each room.

One of the first things I always buy when I move is new towels and Lilly loves hooded towels for when she gets out of the bath.  I found this Love Embroidered Towel and had to have it!  It's made of 100% cotton and is super soft, warm and cozy for when she gets out of the bath!  I adore the "love" embroidered at the top and Lilly loves it too.

Another thing I always make sure to have in the house is dryer balls.  If you aren't using dryer balls and you are still using dryer sheets pleasssee do yourself a favor and read about how toxic they are!  Plus, who can resist dryer balls when they are this adorable?!  I love the colors of these and found them at Echoview Fiber Mill.  If you aren't familiar with dryer balls, they are basically a replacement for dryer sheets and fabric softener.  For a typical load of laundry you would just add three dryer balls to the dryer instead of dryer sheets and dry like normal.  They are reusable and generally last about 1000 loads of laundry!  Pretty amazing right?!  Not only are they so much better for you but they are absolutely more cost effective too.  If you're into essential oils like I am, you can also add a few drops of your favorite oils to your dryer balls before putting them in the dryer with your clothes to give them your own perfect scent.  

Something else I always need is a fabric steamer.  I found this one from Zola and have been obsessed with their site lately.  Zola is actually a wedding company that offers a free suite of wedding planning tools like wedding planning checklists, invitations, wedding websites, and wedding registry.  I actually found Zola because I was searching for the perfect gift for my friends wedding and ended up loving so many of the items on their site!  This garment steamer is one the things I picked up.  I love having one of these because they are great to bring while traveling and perfect for at home to steam out any wrinkles. I love the pink and white colors and it's ready to steam within 2.5 minutes and steams for 10 minutes which is awesome for such a tiny handheld steamer.  

I also grabbed me and Lilly new blankets.  I don't know what it is about blanket's but we can never have enough in this house.  I got Lilly a blanket from the same place I got our dryer balls.  The polka dot baby blanket is made of 100% organic cotton and is very breathable and also machine washable.  Lilly loves it and it's the perfect size to throw in our diaper bag to bring with us to the park or as a blanket she can bring in her stroller. 

For myself, I got the leopard PediPocket.  And you guys, everyone steals this blanket from me and for good reason.  It has a little pocket at the end of the blanket to keep your feet nice and warm.  If you're anything like me, then your feet are always freezing or hanging out of your blanket.  This blanket ensures they stay warm and in my blanket and at almost 6 feet in length it's perfect for everyone in the family to use.

I've always wanted a necklace holder and for some reason have never had one.  I found this gorgeous white and gold one at Zola and had to have it!  It matches my gold and white diffuser and my white salt lamp, so it was the perfect addition to my nightstand.  It fits so many necklaces and can even fit bracelets, earrings and rings at the bottom.  I love how pretty it is and it's super easy to just wipe clean when you need too.

The last thing I made sure to grab as soon as we moved was new pillows.  I found One Fresh Pillow and decided to give them a try.  Their pillows are filled different on each side - one side is fluffy and the other side is very supportive.  The fluffy side is 100% siliconized polyester fibers that are hypoallergenic and perfect for back sleepers because they provide neck support.  The firm side is made of 100% polyester and is perfect for side sleepers because it supports your head and neck so you don't wake up stiff or achy.  It's the perfect pillow because it supports you no matter your pillow or sleeping position preference!

I hope you loved all of our new home necessities!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie