This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Magique. The opinions and text are all mine.

Ever since having Lilly, it's been hard for me to find the time to head to the nail salon for regular manicures and pedicures.  Although they're so relaxing and great for special occasions, on a regular basis I find myself doing my nails at home.  I was having so much trouble with messy nails and my polish getting onto my cuticles and the sides of my nails and it was basically impossible for me to do any fun nail designs at home by myself so I've been on the hunt for a solution to that problem for a while now.  A little while back while browsing on Amazon, I found Magique SecondSkin and decided to give it a try.

Magique SecondSkin helps to eliminate the mess of at home manicures and pedicures and really helps with achieving fun nail designs and nail art at home.  It's essentially a liquid nail tape for around your cuticles and the sides of your nails.  It's made from latex and latex likes to stick to itself.  So, it's best to put cotton balls or a toe spacer between your fingers and toes while using this product.

You start by painting the SecondSkin around the edges of your nail and on your cuticle and wait for it to dry.  If you want to, you can always apply a second layer to darken the pink color and thicken the solution. This makes it easier to peel off when you're done.  I find it easiest to do one to three nails at a time.  You want to make sure that no SecondSkin is touching your nail bed.  You can push any excess off your nail bed with the included manicure stick or even with just your finger.  If the solution is touching your nail bed or nail polish it can give it a jagged tear line when you remove it.  If you're doing any kind of nail art or designs like gradient nails, splatter nails, water marbles, stamping or french tips you can shape the SecondSkin onto your nail as needed for the design.  Once you're done with this step, paint your nails and before they are completely dry peel off the SecondSkin with tweezers, your fingers, or included manicure sticks.  Quick tip: I traced the inside edge of my nail beds quickly with the pointed side of the manicure stick just in case the latex was touching the nail bed, which makes sure there was no jagged edges when the latex is removed.  Then, simply peel it off slowly and you are all done!

Magique SecondSkin has quickly become one of my favorite nail products because I can always achieve perfect at home manicures and pedicures and because it actually smells pretty good for a nail product. The mild rose scent is unique for a latex product and especially unique to Magique SecondSkin as no other latex products produce a scent.  I also love how easy it is to apply thanks to the short and wide brush and how quickly it dries.  It's also super convenient that I can just order it online on Amazon Prime and don't even have to leave my house to get it!

What are some of your tips and tricks for mess free at home manis, pedis, or nail art creations?!

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XOXO Cassie