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Hey friends!  Happy Monday!  I am so excited for this New Year and new decade.  I'm also excited to share my New Year's Resolutions with you guys this week and some fun winter outfits, but until then I wanted to come on and share about No Spend January.  For the past few years, every January I do a "no spend" month.  I typically do this twice a year in January and July or August, but January is my favorite month to do it.  I always spend so much money during the holidays between gifts for friends and family and of course my kids, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, you get the idea.  It's a great way to tone down and get my spending under control for the New Year, plus most retailers aren't coming out with new winter gear and a lot haven't started releasing their spring and summer lines yet so it's an in between period that makes it easy to take a break from unnecessary spending.  

In order to do a "no spend" month, I limit my spending to only absolute necessities, like groceries, gas, bills and any personal care items I might run out of in the month like shampoo, deodorant, etc.  Anything besides this is considered excess and I don't spend money on it, like coffee at Starbucks, new clothes. makeup or even toys for my kids.  The only exception I would make would be for gift cards that I may have received as gifts over the holidays, although I make sure to not go over the gift card amount and typically prefer to save those gift cards for when retailers start dropping their spring lines.  I also like to delete any shopping apps on my phone.  I have a "shopping" folder on my phone with all of my favorite retailers that I like to browse so to get rid of any temptations I just delete the apps off my phone for my no spend month.  

For those of you still shopping this January, I am obsessed with this cape sweater from Chicwish!  It is soooo flattering on my not-bounced-back-post-baby belly and I love the side slits for nursing Heath!  It's also really lightweight while still keeping you warm.  I paired it with my new favorite lipstick and jeans!

Have you ever done a no spend month before?  What are your tips for following thru?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie