I get asked a lot what some of my favorite babies products are, especially for the first year.  Since Heath recently just had his first birthday I thought I would come on and share our favorite products from his first year.  These are products that both Heath and I loved and they would make an amazing gift for any new babies or parents in your life, including yourself!

One of our favorite things for his play area is these pillows from Pillow Pops.  They are so soft and comfortable and are so stinking cute!  Now that Heath is up walking around and playing he loves sitting up against these pillows and it's so adorable.  They have so many different patterns and colors that would be perfect for any home or nursery.

If you've been following me at all this past year, you've probably seen my little guy in a wrap or carrier of some sort.  He LOVES being carried in a wrap and it was honestly a life saver for me during the first year.  It let me calm him and have him close to me while also freeing up my hands so that I could do things around the house and with my daughter.  My favorite wrap for the newborn stage is the Solly Baby wrap and for 6 months and on I loved our Lillie Baby carriers

For when your baby is a newborn and starting to learn how to roll over and hold up their head, I can't recommend having a play mat enough.  We used this one from Tiny Love and adored it.  It had so many different attachments that were removeable so we could customize the toys and learning activities to our needs.  I loved that the colors were very neutral and Heath loved playing in this for months!

Another item that Heath absolutely LOVED was his Dockatot.  Honestly, the Dockatot was worth every penny in my opinion.  I love that it is padded and has handles so you can easily carry it around your house and have your baby next to you regardless of what you are doing.  It's OEKO-TEX certified, all natural and 100% cotton.  Heath has the Deluxe which is for babies 0-8 months old.  When Heath was really little he loved laying it in and relaxing and as he got older he loved taking a supervised nap in it.  Now, it's basically a little lounger in his playroom.  They have a larger size for toddlers aged 9-36 months called the Grand that I really want to get him too!  The Dockatot's also come in a ton of different prints that are interchangeable which is really nice too.

Once your baby can hold up their head on their own and are curious to start walking (6 months and on usually), I love using a walker.  I loved this one from Tiny Love because you can lock the wheels and make it a stationary play station and then unlock the wheels so you baby can walk around too!  Heath loved playing in this.  Now that he's walking on his own he still walks up to it and plays with the toys because he loves it so much.

For a baby monitor, I loved using the Lollipop Baby Camera.  I love how the bottom half is so bendable so it's incredibly easy to put on your baby's crib, in their play room or anywhere else you may need it throughout the day.  It's made out of non toxic silicone and has advanced night vision which I love! It also comes in other colors too.

When it comes to soaps and lotions, I tend to opt for more natural products.  Both of my kids have really sensitive skin and I have loved all three of these brands.  I've used Tubby Todd Body Wash, Lotion and their All Over Ointment and am completely obsessed with all three.  I even use them on myself because they smell so good!!  I highly highly recommend their products.  Dapple Baby makes the BEST bottle soaps and hand and face wipes.  I always have these on hand and they smell amazing!  Made Of makes really gentle products that are great for kiddos with sensitive skin.  I've really loved their hand, dish and body soaps a lot.

What are some of your favorite baby products for the first year?!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie