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If you are anything like me, when you travel you like to keep it to the basics.  Less is more with travel for me!  Especially when you have a toddler that you have to bring a million outfits and accessories for (I swears she's always so put together and adorable while I look like a hot mess!).

  Recently, I've really been getting into makeup and skincare.  I feel like I'm always trying new products and putting them to the test to see how they do with my skin.  Ever since moving to California I have REALLY DRY skin.  I mean it's horrible how dry my skin is.  I've always had normal/dry skin, but the dryness out here has made it even worse.  I also have really sensitive skin as well so finding products that work for me can be a challenge.

Since I've been trying so many products I've accumulated a lot of makeup and skincare items.  Lately we've been traveling a lot so I like to keep it to the bare minimum when we travel and do a fresh face of makeup.

I start with my Clinique moisturizer before applying my makeup.  As of right now, I don't use a primer so this is my "primer".  I think it works really great and doesn't leave my foundation clinging to my numerous dry patches.  I don't use this in my night time routine though.

Next, I use my Real Techniques sponge to apply my Honest Beauty Foundation.  This is a cream foundation and I really love how it keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day without it looking dewy.  I would say it is medium to full coverage but does require a primer or moisturizer before application or it will cling to dry patches on your face (at least on mine because like I said I have the driest skin on earth it seems like!). 

I need a lot of concealer under my eyes because of my huge under eye circles (thanks Lilly!) and I use the Urban Decay concealer for that.  I really love this concealer and think it does a great job covering up under my eyes and brightening my face as well.  

To contour, bronze, highlight and set my makeup I use the NYX contour palette.  The highlighter in this palette is actually pretty amazing, although it's pretty intense!  I love how compact it is and the multiple options it provides so it's perfect for traveling so I don't have to bring my bronzers, contour shades, highlighters and face powders separately. 

I've been a die hard fan of Lorac blushes for as long as I can remember.  I used to only use their baked blushes but apparently they stopped making them because I can't find them anywhere *insert crying face emoji*.  I'm still tried and true to the Lorac blush so I tried the buildable blush in Vivid and it is so pigmented.  You really have to use a light hand with these blushes but you really get your money's worth so I appreciate that.

For my brows I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz like probably every other person on the planet.  It's amazing and easy to use.  I actually want to try the brow definer because I've heard it's even better!  Lastly, for my eyeshadow I use the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.  Like Lorac, Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup brands.  I love their eyeshadow palettes because they are convenient, blendable and easy to create a million different looks with.  For traveling, I use the Basics palette because its small and compact so it saves space!

I'm sure I forget something, but if you guys have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via email, instagram, twitter, whatever!  I'm not a makeup artist these are just the products that work for me and that I love to use.  I want to make beauty a bigger part of my blog and will try to bring you beauty posts a few times a month.  If you follow on snapchat (SimplyClassyCas) I did an Ulta haul the other night with lots of new natural makeup products that I can't wait to try out!

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie