Hair Care Products Mentioned

For those of you that have been following my blog for awhile, you know that after I moved to California my hair and skin were having a lot of issues due to the dryness out here.  I mean it was BAD y'all.  My hair was so dry and frizzy 24-7 and it seemed like nothing was helping my hair look silky smooth like it had before I moved.  In fact, I ended up chopping my hair off because I felt like it was a helpless situation and I just wanted to start over.  I'm kind of regretting that now though because my hair isn't growing back (lol), at least that what it feels like!  Anyways, I'm so glad to bring you some hair products I have been loving lately that gave my hair back its life and smoothness! :)

I love using this Coconut Water on my dry hair to get rid of fly away hairs after styling.  It works perfect, is light weight and I love the scent.

I love this as an in shower deep conditioner.  It has helped SO much with my frizzy hair, especially after swimming!  You can also use it as a leave in conditioner if you want, but I haven't tried that yet.

I love using this shampoo with the conditioner shown below for when I'm not using the deep treatment in the shower.  I love that it has biotin, which I'm praying will help my hair grow a little faster ;)

I love using this conditioner on days when I don't feel like my hair needs the deep treatment and just a regular conditioning.  It really leaves my hair smooth and silky which is a huge plus.

I use this after I shower on the ends of my hair.  It has helped tremendously with my split ends and makes my hair look so silky and smooth!  I REALLY love this product.

This is a great light weight hair spray that holds even if you brush your hair after styling.  I love it for when I do braids or curl my hair!  I didn't use hair spray for the longest time because I hated that crunchy feeling my hair would get, but I'm happy to report this one doesn't do that at all!

Since I've been traveling so much this summer, especially back home were its humid and hot all the time, this dry shampoo has been amazing!  I used it in between hair washes when my hair was starting to look a little greasy from the heat. I love that is is 99.8% naturally derived because lately I've been really searching for more all natural beauty and hair products!  

This hairspray was my first choice when I was home back South.  It held my hair in the humidity all day long which is no easy task let me tell you.  I really love that is has organic essential oils and UV filters incorporated.  I feel like my hair is getting a treatment while being held in place, which is a win win for me.  It's a little more pricey than the OGX hair spray, but did an amazing job all day long so I would highly recommend it!!

If you have thick and frizzy hair, then this conditioner is for you.  No, seriously, it is!  It tamed my hair and helped it look healthy without all of the frizz and dullness.  I'm in love with this product!!

I really hope this post helps you if you're looking for new hair products for summer!  I know I was and I'm so glad I found OGX and Aveda because they have seriously transformed my hair :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

*All OGX and Aveda products mentioned in this post were provided c/o OGX and Aveda, but all opinions are my own!