Who else feels like they're constantly carrying around hand and face wipes to clean up after their toddlers?!  I know I always have them on hand!  Our favorite wipes lately have been the Johnson’s® Baby Hand and Face Wipes.  I love that I can get them at Walmart and Walmart.com!  I usually order them online and pick them up in store which is so convenient for busy working moms like me.  Just having to walk in and pick up your order is a plus when you have a toddler in tow.  I usually use the wipes to clean off Lilly's face and hands after playing at the park or eating while we are out, but I also use them for so many other things so I'm going to share some of my hacks with you today!  

One of the main things I use the Johnson’s® Baby Hand and Face Wipes for is wiping off Lilly's toys.  I feel like her toys are always getting dirty and sticky, so I use the wipes to clean them off in a pinch and they work great!  This is perfect for when you are at the beach or on vacation.

I also use the Johnson’s® Baby Hand and Face Wipes for wiping off tables and chairs when we go out to eat.  I like wiping off the table and chairs because Lilly is always touching everything and then touching her food. It makes me feel better about her touching everything while eating when I know I've wiped them off first.

I use the Johnson’s® Baby Hand and Face Wipes to clean out the cup holders in my car and to wipe down my dashboard and steering wheel when needed.  I usually wipe my glasses off with the wipes too!  You can even use them to wipe off the inside and outside of your purses.  I've even wipe dust off of my TV and bookshelves with these wipes too!

Don't forget to pick up Johnson’s® Baby Hand and Face Wipes the next time you are at Walmart or browsing Walmart.com!  They are definitely worth every cent!

For more hacks check out this Pinterest Board: https://www.pinterest.com/BeckyMans/johnsons-baby-hacks/ :)

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