As many of you that have been following me for awhile know, since becoming a mother I have really been paying attention to my health.  I've been watching what I eat and drink and what I put on my body!  I am so excited to be partnering with CVS Pharmacy to share that they will be removing parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde from over 600 beauty and skincare products in their CVS Beauty, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, Promise Organic and Blade store product lines by the end of 2019!  I love that they are committed to health in all aspects and that I can not only pick up prescriptions at CVS Pharmacy but also all of my favorite beauty products without all the harmful ingredients!  One of my favorite perks is that CVS Pharmacy has a 100% beauty satisfaction guarantee so you can return any beauty product opened or unopened if you are dissatisfied with your receipts no questions asked!  How amazing is that?!

One of my favorite CVS Health products that is already free of parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde is their Ultra Moisturizing Skin Cream.  I love that it is fragrance free so it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or interfere with any perfumes I am wearing.  It is perfect for when my skin is extremely dry and sensitive in the winter because it keeps my skin moisturized and soothed all day long.  I use this over my entire body when I get out of the shower and then on my hands and elbows throughout the day as needed.  It really does the trick!

For in the shower, I love using beauty bars and this one from Beauty 360 is amazing!  It is perfect for my sensitive skin and leaves my skin moisturized even after cleansing.  I bought a two pack of these and keep one in the shower and one next to my sink to use for washing my hands throughout the day as well.  It's unscented too which I personally love, but they have scented beauty bar's as well if you're interested in that!

If you're on the hunt for a new facial moisturizer that has SPF without all the harmful ingredients, I love this one from CVS Health.  It's great for all skin types and layers perfect under foundation doubling as a SPF and as a moisturizer.  It absorbs into my skin quickly without it leaving it greasy and is also fragrance free so it's great for sensitive skin people like me!  My favorite part is the pump because it keeps your product sanitary and lasts longer.

One of my other favorites from the CVS Health line that is also free of harmful ingredients is their Advanced Healing Ointment.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, this stuff is a life saver.  I use it on my dry and cracked elbows and knees and even on my lips when they are really dry!  It helps protect and relieve dry and chapped skin from just being dry or from the cold in these winter months. It is also fragrance free so it shouldn't irritate sensitive skin!

CVS Pharmacy has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop for beauty products because of their commitment to health in every aisle of their stores.  With the New Year approaching, it is important to me to start paying attention to the ingredients in my skincare and beauty products and find products like these that work amazing without all the harmful ingredients!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie