Favorite Fresh Beauty Products:

I recently visited my local Fresh Beauty store at The Grove to pick up some Christmas gifts for my girlfriends, sisters and mom.  I had the hardest time picking out what to get them because Fresh is one of those brands where I literally love every single one of their products.  They have the cutest gift sets this year so I went a little crazy and bought them all!  I typically break up gift sets to give everyone a little of each one, but you can give them as they come too because the packaging is so stinking adorable!

I loved picking up everyone their zodiac sign soaps.  They all smell heavenly and I think they are really fun gifts for holidays and birthdays!  Lilly even got her own because it "smelled so pretty".  If you have any friends or family that are really into astrology this is an extra special kind of gift to give this holiday season.  I love that they are also topped with a semi-precious stone!

If you've never tried Fresh Beauty's lip products you are seriously missing out!  I have almost every color of their sugar lip treatments.  They feel like a lip balm but treat your lips for dryness and give sun protection with a little color.  I love these because I can keep reapplying throughout the day when my lips are dry and keep my lip color refreshed all day long!  I literally always have one of these on me.  With the winter being so cold and dry here in Los Angeles, I've been keeping the advanced lip treatment which is colorless on me at all times.  I reapply this even over my regular colored sugar lip treatment when my lips are extremely dry this time of year.

I've also recently become obsessed with their sugar lip polish and sugar lip caramel hydrating balm.  You have to use your fingers to apply them so I keep them on my vanity for after I've washed my face at night. I first use the lip polish two to three times a week and just rub it on my lips and wipe it off with a damp washcloth to remove any dead and dull skin on my lips.  I use the hydrating balm every night and it is so hydrating and smells just like sugar.  I am obsessed with it!  It keeps my lips moisturized all night long which is impressive for a super dry skinned girl like me.

I love that you get to try any of the products you'd like in store to see how they feel, smell and react on your skin.  This is so important for sensitive skin people like me!

Lilly of course had to come with me and get some new soaps for herself! :)

Since I am OBSESSED with their sugar lip treaments I had to get the set of them to give my friends and family!  If you haven't tried their Soy Face Cleanser, I would highly recommend it as well.  In this bundle, you can get it with the advanced lip treatment!  I have really sensitive and dry skin and this cleanser hasn't irritated my skin once.  This cleanser is perfect for all skin types and even removes makeup.

I love that in store you can pick out and design cards if your presents are gifts!  And Fresh will gift wrap any purchase for you!  It makes Christmas shopping and present wrapping so much fun and enjoyable instead of overwhelming and stressful!

I love this gift set because not only is it full of amazing products, but it comes with pencils to color the box itself!  This would be perfect for any mama's on your list because they can enjoy the products while their kids enjoy coloring the box they come in!  It comes with my all time favorite Soy Face Cleanser and the Advanced Sugar Lip Treatment.  This lip treatment is colorless so it is perfect for any day or look.  I'm also a huge fan of the Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask included in this set.  Around twice a week I massage this face mask into my skin and leave it on for around ten minutes.  It smells like citrus fruits and makes my skin glowy and radiant, which really helps a tired mama.

If you didn't know, my background is in chemistry, that's actually what my degrees are in!  So I love that the fragrances are placed in separatory funnels in store!  They look so pretty but also let fellow nerds like me geek out to see beauty and science so beautifully together.

Just a few of the cards available in store!  How adorable are they!?

Lilly thoroughly enjoyed all the sweet treats they had out for customers!

I picked up a few fragrances while I was at Fresh too!  They all smell so good so it was hard to narrow down, but I typically love floral and sweet scents so I got the Pink Jasmine! :)

I can't wait to come back by myself to enjoy one of these complimentary skincare services!  I can't believe they do these on top of everything else.  Just another reason they are one of my favorite brands of all time!

I'll take one of each please! ;-)

One of my other holy grail products from Fresh that I stocked up on during my visit is the Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream!  This is hands down my favorite hand cream of all time.  It smells amazing and is so rich and hydrating.  It is pretty much an essential for me this time of year when my hands are constantly dry and flakey.  

I also picked up the Creme Acienne Soft Cream and Supreme Eye Serum!  I am so excited to try them out and tell you all my thoughts!  The manager said they are perfect for very dry skinned people, so I am sure I am going to absolutely love them!

What are some of your favorite products from Fresh Beauty?!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie