It's been sooooo long since I've done a favorites post!  They are seriously one of my favorite posts to write because I love sharing all my new finds that I'm loving with you all.  In the summer, I always prefer to wear less makeup and just take less time to get ready in general.  Since moving back to Georgia with the humidity I feel like my makeup just melts off right after I put it on, so I've been wearing minimal makeup lately and just focusing on my skin and hair care everyday. 


I have loved the Moroccan Oil Treatment for my hair for years now and use it religiously, so I was very excited when I found out that Moroccan Oil has a hydrating shampoo and conditioner too!  I have extremely dry hair so I am always looking for products that will help hydrate my hair and keep it silky and smooth.  This shampoo and conditioner combo has done wonders for my hair!  My hair is so soft to the touch since using these and my hair feels much more hydrated overall.  It's infused with argan oil and vitamins and is safe for color treated hair.  It smells amazing too!

Before I straighten or curl my hair, I always use a thermal spray to help protect my hair from the heat.  I can't stress how important it is to always use a thermal spray before using heat tools on your hair!  I love this one from OGX because its affordable, smells amazing and has worked great on my hair the last few months.  I spray it from my roots to my ends and brush it in before using any heat tools on my hair.

Ahhh you guys!  This texture spray literally smells like heaven!  I am obsessed with how amazing it smells and how much texture it gives to my curls! I spray it on my hair after curling and scrunch my hair in my hands.  I love that is has aloe vera so it doesn't dry out my hair either.

For straightening and curling my hair I have been using only T3 tools.  I first fell in love with their single-pass wave to curl my hair!  It it literally the first curling iron that actually curls my hair and my curls last all day and usually for multiple days.  I honestly can't say enough good things about this curling wand.  It leaves my curls and hair looking silky for days!  For times I want to straighten my hair and keep it simple, I love the new pink single-pass straightener from T3.  It is super cute and I can straighten all of my hair in under 5 minutes.  It works amazing and also gives my hair that silky look that the curling wand does.  The sides of this straightener are curved so you can create curls with it as well!

If you get tangled hair or have a child that does, you NEED a Tangle Teezer in your life!  I honestly don't know how we lasted so long without one.  Lilly will only let me brush her hair if I'm using it and I'm getting to the point that I really only use this on my hair too.  I love how compact it is because it's so easy to throw in my purse and take it with us on the go.  It brushes out tangles so gently and I've never used a hair brush as gentle and effective at removing tangles as this one!


I think everyone and their mother has this palette by now, but I just rediscovered it in my collection and I am so glad I did.  It's the perfect summer palette because all of the colors are neutrals, easy to blend out and matte or demi-matte.  It's sooo easy to create a simple eye look or to just throw "naked" into your crease and call it a day!  I've been using this eye palette almost every day this summer.

You all know I love a pop of color of my lips and during the summer I prefer bright plums and reds on my lips!  This Clarins Lip Balm Perfector has been one of my favorite colors this summer.  It's the perfect plum color and is extremely moisturizing and leaves a slight shine that I love.  It's almost like a tinted lip balm but with a lot of color, so it's perfect for no-makeup days too.

For days I want a bright red lip, I've been reaching for my NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Group Love.  It's the perfect bright red lip!  The applicator is so fun and has a pillow like texture that applies the color to your lips.  It has an amazing price point too, so I can't want to snag one in every color!

This multi stick from FAB has been my go-to this summer!  It's a cream to powder stick that gives you a glow from within look and is perfect for no makeup days.  I love putting this on my cheekbones, eyebrow arches, tear ducts and my cupids bow on my lips.  It leaves the most natural looking glow and gives my skin a refreshed and hydrated look for those hot summer days!

This oil has been giving my legs life this summer!  It has the slightest tint and shimmer that helps to blur out imperfections and leaves your skin looking flawless and hydrated!  I've been applying this before taking blog pictures or heading out for the day on my legs, arms and even my decollete area.  I am seriously obsessed with this oil and how amazing it has made my skin look!

I haven't been wearing foundation every day in the summer but for date nights or days I want to feel a little more put together, this has been the foundation I've been reaching for the most.  It's very lightweight and medium coverage but build-able if you need a little more coverage in certain areas.  It leaves my skin looking dewy and hydrated and just makes my skin look like it's best self without looking like I put a lot of makeup on.  I either blend it in with my fingers or a beauty blender!


If you know me then you know that I have literally never used a retinol in my life before.  I have extremely sensitive skin and have honestly been scared to even try to use one.  When I learned that PCA Skin had a retinol that was created just for those of us with sensitive skin I decided to give it a try.  PCA Skin works with dermatologists to provide the most effective products for many skin conditions.  Their retinol for sensitive skin helps to increase cell turnover which in turn helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and helps to brighten the skin.  I started out using this only once a week and then moved to twice a week and so on and now use it 4-5 times a week on average.  I have noticed such a huge difference in my skin since using this product and haven't experienced any negative side effects which is amazing!  I'll definitely be using this product for life!

I think I've mentioned these before, but they are so good I'm bringing them up again!  I love putting mine in the fridge for a few minutes before using them so they are super cool and soothing on my undereyes.  They are perfect anytime of the day but I especially love using these before bed because sometimes my undereyes can get really dry and irritated from wearing makeup all day long.  If you choose to do them in the morning, they help depuff and brighten your undereyes before you put on makeup.  I wear mine for about 5 minutes and then rub in the extra serum.

I am huge fan of the brand Fresh and love their Creme Ancienne line.  I'm literally obsessed with everything from this line and this toner is no exception.  It's extremely hydrating and conditions the skin with lavender and rose water to help fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.  I love that this toner smells amazing and doesn't dry out my skin like most toners do!

If you have sensitive skin, stop whatever you are doing and buy this mask!!  It is literally the best product I have EVER used for sensitive skin.  No clue how I ever lived without it.  You leave it on for around 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a washcloth or cotton pad.  It helps to calm and soothe irritated and red skin.  If my skin is ever starting to bother me and getting itchy, red, or inflamed I immediately take off my makeup and apply this mask.  

I recently started using the QYK Sonic while washing my face and I am loving it!  It's a 3-in-1 beauty brush that helps to cleanse and massage your face while also able to apply skincare products.  I was a little nervous at first to try this because I was worried it would irritate my skin, but it actually hasn't and has felt amazing every time I've used it!  I actually look forward to washing my face now, which is a miracle in itself.  It's very easy to clean and to charge although I haven't even needed to charge mine yet.  They say you get 300 uses on a single charge!  I love all the different colors they have!  If I get another one for travel I think I'll snag the purple!

This face spray from Dermalogica is one of my favorite products this summer!  I love misting this on my face right after I cleanse and through out the day for extra moisture.  It's very hydrating and helps supplement our skins protective barrier.  It's the perfect size to throw in your purse too!

You all know that lately I have been trying to switch out as many products as I can for more natural alternatives.  One of the first things I wanted to switch over was our hand and body soaps.  When I was looking for a good brand I came across Soapbox and loved their mission.  For every bar of soap they sell, they donate one bar to a family in need.  I tried a few of their bar soaps and fell in love with their sea minerals scent.  It smells ahhmazzing and is really gentle on my skin.  I love that they use natural ingredients and still have such an amazing price point.  You can also use code SBCassie for 10% off your order!

During the summer my lips are constantly chapped from the sun, so I am always applying ChapStick throughout the day.  I found this grape flavor at Dollar General and picked up a few to throw in my purse, in the car and on my vanity.  I love how soft they make my lips feel and that I can grab them at the Dollar General for a great price.

Vitamin C is so good for you and your skin!  I love this vitamin C serum from Kiehl's because even though it's a high percentage of vitamin C, it hasn't irritated my skin once!  I've noticed such a huge difference in my fine lines, wrinkles and dullness in my skin since using this serum too.  The way I apply my serum is to first place it in the spots I have the most fine lines which for me is my forehead and around my mouth and then I blend it in from there onto my cheeks and nose.

For days when my skin is just unbearably dry, I use the DermaE Hydrating Serum instead.  This is an oldie, but a goodie!  I literally always make sure I have this on hand.  It has hyaluronic acid and helps to deeply moisturize the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and plump.  I really love to use this in the mornings to help my skin stay hydrated all day long too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

*All products mentioned in this post were provided c/o, but all opinions are my own.