If you've been following me for any amount of time then you know just how passionate I am about animals and pet recuses.  When I was in college I actually rescued two pitbulls and they became my best friends in the whole world.  It's funny how dogs literally become our lives, can any one else relate?!  They literally did everything with me, from sleeping in bed with me to going to Starbucks with me!  Pitbulls are an amazing breed to consider recusing because unfortunately there is a lot of negative stigmas surrounding them and they can often times be the most common breed in a shelter at any given time.

 If you live in Los Angeles, then you know just how pet friendly the whole entire city is!  It's honestly amazing.  There is dog beaches, dog parks everywhere, specialty dog bakery's and dogs in almost any business you go into.  Los Angeles is definitely one of the best places to own a dog in my opinion.

If you're looking to re-home or rescue a pitbull in Los Angeles, I highly recommend checking out GetYourPet.com.  They have an amazing directory where you can look online at the available dogs near you and even search criteria such as "good with kids".  When you find a dog you are interested in, you can arrange a meet up and see how it goes!  When you find the dog you hit it off with, Get Your Pet sets you up with a free vet exam and all of the paperwork you need to take your new family member home! 

Since I'm a huge pitbull lover and supporter, I was super excited when I learned about Arm the Animals!  They have the cutest pet clothing items from "Dog Mom" to "Cat Mom" sweaters and tees and my favorite, their pitbull line!  This Don't Listen to the BullPit sweater is by far my favorite and I wear it all of the time to support one of my favorite breeds!  It's also an amazing price, supports a beautiful cause and is super cozy!

I've had so many questions about this gorgeous gold watch from Klasse14!  I love their designs and can't wait to grab a few more watches from them for this winter.  They make the best Christmas gifts too!  If you want to snag one for yourself use code SIMPLYCLASSYCASSIE for a discount at checkout!

We cuddle all of the time - me and my bestie!

Always by my side!

P.S.- This Lucky Jack Coffee is life changing!  I am obsessed with it.  I drink it in the morning with a little creamer and it tastes like heaven.  Plus you really can't beat that it's organic and a nitro cold brew that you can enjoy at home.

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