Growing up back to school season was always my favorite.  I loved picking out new outfits, accessories and doing my hair and makeup new and different.  And who can forget new binders and pens!?  The best!  Even in college, I loved going back to school, but instead of having a ton of time to focus on my hair and makeup, I loved finding quick ways to feel put together before school!

I recently was shopping at Ulta Beauty online and came across these amazing Bed Head Styling tools, you may remember me talking about how much I loved them in this post!  If you love shopping at Ulta Beauty, they have these both in store too.  I'm still using them everyday and absolutely love them.  I've become quite the Bed Head junkie lately.  Each of their tools have multiple uses, proven technology and gorgeous packing and designs.  I love the bold and bright colors of mine!

 The two tools I used for my back to school hair style are the Bed Head® Pump Up The Volume 1875 W Ion Dial Dryer and the Bed Head® Curlipops™ ¾” Styling Iron. After I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, I use the Bed Head® Pump Up The Volume 1875 W Ion Dial Dryer. I love that this dryer lets you customize your settings so you can find what works for you and your hair and switch it up as needed. There's two heat and two speed settings and a volume ion dial which helps give your hair a shiny, low frizz finish.

Once my hair is completely dry, I section off my hair into a top and bottom section.  Starting with the bottom section, I use the Bed Head® Curlipops™ ¾” Styling Iron to curl my hair. This styling iron is perfect for short hair but works for long hair really well too! I love that it doesn't have a clamp so I don't get creases in my hair and that it can heat up to 400°F which is perfect for my super thick and coarse hair.  The tourmaline ceramic technology in this iron helps to create natural waves with high shine and low frizz so it pairs perfectly with the hair dryer!

Once I finish curling all of the bottom portion of my hair, I curl all of the hair on the top and then brush through it all really well.  I love that it takes under 15 minutes and lasts for at least 3-4 days with minimal touch ups needed!  It's the perfect, easy way to do your hair for back to school season.  If you have short hair it will take even less time!  Once your hair has been curled for 3-4 days you can put your hair in a high pony with a ribbon tied around it for a cute easy hairstyle before you have to wash your hair again.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

*This post is brought to you by Bed Head Styling and Her Campus Media.