We all have baby hairs whether they're short or long, they can be frustrating to deal with especially when doing an up do hair style like a bun or ponytail.  If you've had baby recently, then the "regrowth" phase that so many of us mamas face can be pretty upsetting.  It makes your baby hairs worse than before and they can be unruly to deal with.  Sometimes baby hairs can feel like the bane of my existence but I've learned to live with them and tips and tricks to tame them along the way!  

Because baby hairs are thinner and shorter than the rest of your hair, it can make them extremely difficult to style.  One main thing to keep in mind is that shaving, cutting or waxing your baby hairs off is not a good idea. There are no permanent options to remove them, unless you do laser hair removal, and you will have to deal with them growing back time and time again.  If you are ready for a new haircut, a pixie cut or soft fringe around the face can help hide your baby hairs into your hair cut.  A quick and easy trick, especially for baby hairs around your face area, is to just wet them with water or to use a little finishing creme or hair oil to push them back in with the rest of your hair.  If you have the time or just got out of the shower and need to dry your hair, you can use a blow dryer to blow dry them into place with the rest of your hair too!  Just remember that your baby hairs are thinner than the rest of your hair and won't need as much heat and the rest of your hair.  

I also love to wet an extra toothbrush or old spoolie in hairspray and use it to brush my baby hairs back in to my hair.  Make sure the toothbrush or spoolie is covered in hairspray but not dripping wet before using it.  You could also use clear mascara if you have any on hand to do the same thing.  If you're on the go and have a baby hair situation, any lotion will work just fine too!  Just put a little lotion on your fingers and push your baby hairs back into the rest of your hair.  If you have a lot of baby hairs on the top of your neck, I love using a little finishing creme or lotion and then using a bobby pin to hold those hairs close to my scalp.  If you're styling your hair in a sleeked back look, like a sleeked back ponytail, having your baby hairs tamed is very important to the look and using any of these techniques should help!  However, sometimes I choose to embrace my baby hairs when doing an up do hairstyle and pull even more strands of hair out of my ponytail or bun to frame my face.  They can be really cute and complement a casual, effortless, ponytail or bun.  This trick works even better if you have layers in your hair and can look super cute and add a little something to a simple, everyday up do.  And if all else fails and you're feeling frustrated just remember you can always throw on your favorite baseball or sun hat and call it a day.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie