One of my favorite up do hairstyles for lazy days or days I just don't have the time to actually curl or straighten my hair is a messy bun.  There are so many ways to achieve the perfect messy bun but this is just my favorite way!  You can easily do a messy bun with long or short hair and it doesn't matter if your hair is layered or not, in fact sometimes layers make the messy look more messy and cute!

I first brush out my hair and make sure there are no tangles in my hair.  If my hair isn't very dirty, I will typically add a little texturizing spray or dry shampoo to give it a little more texture and hold.

I then pull my hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic that matches my hair color.  You can place your ponytail wherever you prefer your bun to end up being, some people prefer it on top of their head, a little high or even lower.  It's all personal preference, but I prefer a high ponytail.  

I then take my ponytail and twist my hair and then I start to twist it into a circle around the base of my ponytail.  Once I am almost to the end of my hair I start to bobby pin my hair into place leaving a few inches of hair out at the end.  You can also use another hair tie or even a fun scrunchie if you'd like to secure your bun!  And don't forget you don't have to leave a few inches out at the end if you don't have the length to do so or if you don't want it as messy looking.  I keep a few inches because my hair is very long and I love the super messy look.  

I then take the remaining hair that is not secured in the bun and start pulling it in a circular motion around the base of my bun to make sure the hair is as evenly distributed around my bun as I can get it.  After my bun is in place and the loose hairs are about where I like them, I start to pull the tight coil part of my bun and the hair around it to loosen it up a little bit and give it a more un-done look and feel.  You can pull your hair and bun out as much or as little as you'd like.  If you have really long hair and love the super messy look you may want to end up adding a few more bobby pins or a clear elastic to hold your un-done look in place all day long.  If your hair is shorter you probably don't need any additional elastics to hold the look all day.  

    Since I prefer a very un-done and messy look, I love pulling out pieces of hair to frame my face.  If you have layers in your hair they may fall a little and frame your face naturally which is super pretty!  If your hair is very short I would recommend sticking to a ponytail that is in the middle to lower part of your head so you have a little more length to play with in the bun itself.

Is a messy bun one of your go to hairstyles?!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie