Outfit Details:

Chenille might be my favorite fabric ever!  It's so soft and cozy and feels like I'm wearing a blanket all day long.  When I saw this striped chenille sweater I knew I had to have it.  It's so cute and cozy but also not super warm so it will be perfect for transitioning into spring with shorts or a jean skirt too.  

Since the weather is finally starting to warm up a little, I'm trying to plan some fun vacations for us to do.  I'm thinking Las Vegas, San Diego, and Santa Barbara.  Do you all have any spring or summer destinations that you love to visit around the California/Arizona area?!  I also just got back on ordering my Book of the Month every month and I'm pretty excited about it.  I always try to make time to read but never seem to finish any books so I'm hoping with Book of the Month I can make the time to read one book each month that I picked out.  It's actually a really cool service!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie