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All of us girls know the feeling of wanting to freshen up down there, for me, it's usually during my period or after a work-out.  It's hard when we're taught to be powerful and strong as females but not encouraged to share and talk about what makes us so uniquely female, our vaginas!  I know it can be uncomfortable to talk about sometimes and trips down the feminine hygiene aisles turn into covert missions that are hurried so no one sees you for fear they'll think something's wrong down there.  Even though it can be a little uncomfortable, there's no reason for the stigma and I'm here to share my favorite ways to stay fresh down there all month long!

Summer's Eve® makes my favorite feminine hygiene products because they're cruelty-free, pH balanced and gynecologist-tested.  Their new Fresh Cycle™ line is all about the freshness and elevating our already fresh levels throughout the day with light, fresh scented products.  I love using the Fresh Cycle™ No-Rinse Cleansing Foam after a long and sweaty work-out when I don't have time to shower right after and want to freshen up down there.  You just take one to two pumps of foam to a few sheets of folded toilet paper and cleanse.  You don't need to rinse after and are good to go!  It's perfect for after the gym or even during your period if needed.

I love throwing the Fresh Cycle™ Individually Wrapped Cleansing Clothes in my bag during my period.  They are Flush Friendly™* which is a huge plus, designed specifically for your period and are quick and easy to use for a little boost of freshness during that time of the month.  I use these throughout the day during my period at home, after the gym and even when I'm out and about as needed.

The Fresh Cycle™ Cleansing Cloths are perfect all month long to freshen up and also safely wipe away any odor-causing bacteria down there.  They're super convenient and Flush Friendly™*, plus they can even be used on your period.  Feeling fresh down there all month long helps me feel confident in my own skin and with my body as a whole.  Let me know if you try any of these products out and what you think!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

*Refer to flushability instructions on pack!