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Summertime for our family means tons of time outdoors together. Whether we're headed to the park to play, going to the pool to swim, headed out for a beach weekend or playing sports at the recreation fields we're bound to soak up the sun and make tons of fun family memories. But all of this time outdoors together usually means we end up coming home dirty with dirt, sand or sweat. Thanks to Dial® products at Walmart, I can keep my whole family clean and do away with that summer grime we're so used to this time of year!

My top three favorite Dial® products to grab at Walmart are the Dial® Spring Water Body Wash, Dial® Complete Spring Water Foaming Hand Wash, and the Dial® Peachy Clean for Kids.

First thing after getting in the front door at home and taking off our shoes is washing our hands. I love the Dial® Complete Spring Water Foaming Hand Wash because it's perfect for the entire family to get tough on all of the dirt and bacteria on our hands while being gentle on our skin. It's the #1 Doctor recommended foaming hand soap and it actually kills 99.99% of bacteria on our skin, while being mild enough to use frequently! All of my fellow mamas can agree that knowing 99.99% of bacteria is off of our families hands is a huge win after a long day outside getting dirty.  I love the Spring Water® scent too because it's so refreshing and the perfect scent for the entire family. Plus this hand soap leaves us with healthy feeling skin after washing!

For showers and baths that night, my boyfriend and I love the Dial® Spring Water Body Wash and we love using the Dial® Peachy Clean for Kids on Lilly!

To be honest, it's actually hard for us to find soaps and body washes we can use on Lilly because of her sensitive skin. Thankfully the Dial® Peachy Clean for Kids was developed with pediatric dermatologists just for kids skin! It's hypoallergenic, pH balanced and dye free. Plus, it's super gentle and ideal for everyday use. This formula is so gentle and moisturizing on her skin and also smells so good with its peachy scent! We all love it!

My boyfriend and I also love the Dial® Spring Water Body Wash. We love the Spring Water® scent that is in our hand soap as well and had to have it in our body wash too! This formula is so lightweight and hydrating, it leaves your skin feeling healthy and smelling fresh all day long. I always feel so clean after using this body wash and it's fun being able to use the same body wash as my boyfriend. The scent is perfect for the whole family!

I love how easy it is for me to stop at Walmart to get groceries and everything we need for the house, including the entire families body wash and hand soaps! The Dial® soaps leave our skin feeling cleaner and healthier than before we used them. These are the aisles I found them in at my local Walmart! If you're looking to try them out for yourself, Ibotta currently has a savings offer on Dial® products at Walmart where you can earn cash back (while supplies last!).

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