Lilly's Outfit:

Heath's Outfit:

The holiday's are one of my favorite times of the year, especially now being a mama of two.  I love seeing my kids excitement when we put up our Christmas Tree, hanging Christmas lights and make hot cocoa and yummy treats.  It's such an exciting time and as a mama, you know I love getting those extra cute holiday photos of my kids together under the tree!  I used to get so stressed out about taking family photos of the kids but I 've learned some tips and tricks along the way to make things a lot easier on myself. 

For starters, I always choose whether we're going to be fancy and dressed up or more casual.  More times than not casual wins because the kids are more comfortable that way!  For outfits, I love picking two or three colors as a theme and then picking all of our outfits based on those colors.  There's no need to have everyone matching perfectly as long as there is a general theme things will go together and have a cohesive look.  I also usually aim to take photos in the morning when my kids are well rested and more likely to be in a good mood for photos.  Avoid taking photos around nap time for example.  

Overall, just enjoy taking photos.  The real life moments that shine through are what you want to remember anyways.  I try to say funny things to get my kids giggling, like hey who farted?  Sounds silly but it makes the kids smile and we all have a good time while taking photos together.  

When buying clothes for my kids for photos, I always shop at Carter's.  I love the quality of their clothes, their amazing prices and the fact that their clothes always run true to size for my kids so I'm never left guessing what size each of my kids needs.  Right now, Carter's is having an amazing sale with their entire site and stores 50-60% off + free shipping on all orders and amazing doorbuster deals like $4+ Tees, $12 Shoes, $16 Boots and more!  They have the cutest holiday prints this year and sizes all the way from newborn to teenagers so there's something for all of your kids regardless of their age.

I hope you all love our picture above!  For this years photos I choose red, green and white as our theme and I think they turned out adorable!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie