As a busy mom with so much going on everyday, I'm often times left deciding between blow drying my hair or styling it for the day.  I have a lot of thick hair and not a lot of time to shower and get ready everyday so I was insanely excited when I saw Remington's New Wet2Style line at Walmart.  Their new Wet2Style line lets you style and blow dry your hair at the same time! 

I, of course, wanted to try every tool so I picked up the Remington Pro Wet2Style 1 1/4 Hot Air Curling Iron, the Pro Wet2Style Dryer and the Pro Wet2Style 1 3/4 Flat Iron.  I've been trying these out for a few weeks before sharing them and I am so impressed!  They save me so much time getting ready and make my life a lot easier in the mornings.

If I had to pick a favorite it would be the Remington Pro Wet2Style 1 1/4 Hot Air Curling Iron.  I love when my hair is curled and this has been such a treat to be able to curl and dry my hair at the same time.  It has a vented barrel with a powerful air flow to dry and style at the same time plus a ceramic and titanium coating to prevent against any heat damage which I really love.  I usually towel dry my hair once I'm out of the shower, spray on my favorite heat protectant and then section my hair and start curling and drying at the same time.  When you use this curling iron, don't fear the sizzle!  Going from wet to dry hair isn't damaging with this product.

For days when I just want to dry my hair quickly and have it silky smooth, I opt for the Remington Pro Wet2Style Dryer.  I also love using this if I'm really in a hurry and my hair is soaking wet to get it a little dry before curling it.  I really love this because it has four different attachments you can use depending on your needs: a detangler for straightening and smoothing, a blowout boost to use with a round brush, a diffuser to define curls and a slipstream for pre-straightening.  This also has a ceramic coating and ionic technology to protect against heat damage and frizz.  There are three heat settings, two speed settings and a cool shot too!

I love the top half of my hair straight even when my ends are curled so I've been loving this Remington Pro Wet2Style 1 3/4 Flat Iron.  It also has a ceramic and titanium coating to protect against heat damage and a unique venting system to remove excess water as you style.  I'm able to style my hair 20% faster with 50% more protection against heat damage with this straightener and love that I'm able to style with damp hair.  The plates are wide so you can easily style large sections of hair too.

If you're a busy mama always on the go with little time to get ready each morning or a busy girl in general looking to save time getting ready each day, I can't recommend these hair tools enough!  They have saved me so much time each morning and my hair has never felt or looked better in my opinion!  You can snag yourself one or all three of these at your local Walmart or

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie