Since Father's Day just passed, I wanted to share what we ended up getting Justin!  Picking out the perfect Father's Day gift can be challenging, but with Lilly becoming so independent lately between school, dance classes and trips to the park with her friends and their parents, we both have felt some anxiety over wanting to make sure she is safe at all times when we're not around.  We found Jiobit and loved that it is the first of it's kind location tracking platform for kids (or pets)!  We decided to get it for Lilly to use while she's not with us and gave Justin the gift of safety and peace of mind for Father's Day this year!

I've always been interested in using a tracking device for Lilly and knew Jiobit was the perfect one for us.  It's the world's smallest and most advanced real time location tracking product because you can see real time updates while it's in motion with updates given every ten seconds.  It's similar to ride share services when you can track yourself or a friends location in the vehicle.  A huge plus to me is that it's not limited by range or location.  It can track in real time at any distance whether it's down the street or across the world and can track whether it's indoors or outdoors.

Once we set it up on the computer, we went ahead and clipped it onto Lilly's shorts for a day out exploring downtown and playing at the park.  I love how discreet and durable it is and that's it's waterproof and washing machine proof!  Perfect for kids who get messy or when it unexpectedly starts raining outside.  The kit comes with a charger but the Jiobit actually lasts up to one week with active usage!

Besides the accurate real time tracking at any distance, my other favorite feature is being able to setup geofences around trusted locations.  For us that's our home, school, her dance studio, friends houses and the park.  Whenever your child is wearing the Jiobit, whether on their clothes, lanyard, backpack or shoe strings, you will be notified whenever they arrive at or leave your trusted locations.  This makes me feel so much better about dropping her off at school or dance classes and knowing she is safe there until I come and pick her back up.  You can even setup a geofence around your own phone/yourself when out in crowded places so you will get notified if your child wanders too far away from you!

We have been obsessed with the Jiobit ever since getting it!  We use it whenever Lilly leaves the house and isn't going to be with a parent whether it's because of school, a play date or dance classes.  It has given us such a peace of mind to be able to know where she is at all times and that really is priceless!  I can't recommend this enough if you have independent children that are going to be away from home and parents for any reason, children with special needs or even for your beloved pets!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie