Products Mentioned:

After I get out of the shower when my hair is still wet, I spray the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray all over my hair.  It smells sooooo good and provides amazing heat protection for my hair.  It gives my hair a little extra volume and I've noticed my hair not looking as damaged from my straightener and curling iron since I've started using this!  I love that because I feel like my hair is finally starting to grow faster! :)

I've also been using this Agave Shine Spray on my hair while it is still damp from the shower.  It is supposed to help heal dry and damaged hair, primarily caused from heat tools.  This in combination with the Amika Bombshell Spray has made such a huge difference in my hair!!  It's way less frizzy and overall more silky and healthy!  Plus I love that this product is made from so many natural ingredients!

Whenever I'm a few days in from washing my hair and it's starting to look dull and lifeless, I use this Sea Mist spray to bring it back to life!  It's formulated to have the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean and smells heavenly.  Sometimes I just spray it in my room because it smells so good!  You can even use this spray on you skin if you want too.  I highly recommend it!

Whenever I color my hair and do blonde highlights, I LOVE using this oil!  It's perfect for blondes or people with blonde highlights.  It helps reduce brassiness and brightens your hair after one use!  I just use it right after the shower and put a dime sized drop in my hands and run it primarily through my highlights!

Anyone that has been following me for awhile has probably noticed that I don't curl my hair very often.  I have extremely thick hair that is so hard to curl.  I remember getting my hair done for prom in high school and the lady that was doing my hair kept saying she had never dealt with such hard to curl hair in her life!  I don't know what my hair's deal is but I've never found a curling iron that would give my hair a lasting curl until I tried the T3 Bodywaver!  Every time I use it my hair stays curled allll day long!  I'm obsessed!  And it doesn't hurt that it's so cute too!  If you're looking for a cute and powerful curling iron, I can't recommend this one enough! 

I love this hair protection serum from DermaE for my hair's ends.  It has helped tremendously in reducing my split ends and helps hydrate my dry hair, especially during the winter months!  It's perfect for those of us prone to dry hair that gets split ends easily.  I use it on my hair when it's dry focusing mainly on my ends and taking the excess upwards.  It's been such a lifesaver and helped me not have to trim my ends so much!

This might be one of my favorite products I talk about in this post!  This spray instantly makes my hair full of volume and texture and gives it the perfect undone look that we all want.  I especially love this spray for right after my hair is washed and dried to give it some texture and volume.  When I do curl my hair, this helps my curls stay fresh and voluminous days after I've curled them!  

Being a busy mama, I don't get to wash my hair every single day, so when my hair is starting to look a little sad, I love using the John Frieda Dry Shampoo!  I love that this doesn't show up on my dark roots and has a nice fresh scent to it.  I usually use this starting with day two hair and it keeps my hair looking fresh all day long!

This is my other favorite dry shampoo!  I actually use this one right before bed and the John Frieda one in the morning.   It helps keep my hair from getting greasy the next day and naturally cleans and deodorizes it to freshen up my scalp.  This would be perfect for after the gym if you need to make a few stops before you can get home to shower!  It helps keep your hair feeling clean even when you don't have the time to actually shampoo it!

This DryBar shampoo is the perfect deep cleaning shampoo!  The activated charcoal helps remove impurities and product buildup in your hair without stripping it or drying it out!  I love using this shampoo around once a week.  I love that it works so well without being too harsh especially for us girls with super dry hair!  The matching conditioner smells amazing and leaves your hair silky and smooth while at the same time not weighing it down with product residue.  They are the perfect combo!

I'm always losing bobby pins (who feels my pain!?) so when I saw this cute little bobby pin case from Cricket I knew I had to have it!  I love keeping this on my vanity and in my bathroom.  It's even small enough you could keep one in your purse or car so you don't have bobby pins going everywhere!  

I love using this Aveda Texture Tonic on dry and damp hair.  It gives my hair a piecey definition without leaving it sticky or feeling like a have residue left on my hair.  The only thing left on my hair is the perfect smell of it! :)  I love that it gives my hair extra texture and helps keep my curls looking fresh all week long.  I love using this on my ends especially when my hair is curled.

On days I'm not using my regular conditioner, I love using this IGK topcoat as a replacement.  I use it right after I shampoo and leave it in my hair for about 3 minutes and then rinse it out. It helps seal your hair cuticles which is great if you have colored hair because it keeps your color from fading.  Even if your hair isn't colored, you can still benefit from this product!  It leaves your hair silky, shiny and soft.  I love using this once a week especially during the winter months when my hair needs the extra moisture locked in!

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*All of the products mentioned in this post were provided c/o, but all opinions are my own.