I'm so excited that the holiday's are right around the corner!  One of my favorite parts of the holiday's is searching for the perfect gifts for my friends and family.  My sister's love trying new beauty products so when I found the L'Occitane Signature and Luxury Advent Calendars I knew they would make the perfect gifts for them!  Not only do you get to try a bunch of new products from L'Occitane, they come in the cutest packaging!

The L'Occitane Signature Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to try new products from L'Occitane or just for yourself!  It comes with 24 different beauty products to try and is such a great deal!!  It's valued at $104 but is only $69 in this set!  I'm highlighting my favorites for you below!

The Verbena Hand Lotion has a fresh citrus fragrance and I love using it first thing in the morning.  It has shea butter and keeps my hands moisturized all day long!  This is the perfect size hand cream to throw in your clutch to have on the go!  

If you're missing peony season, this is the hand cream for you!  It smells just like fresh peonies and contains peony extract from France!!  I can't even tell you how many compliments I have received on how good I smell when I'm using this hand cream. I love using it on my elbows and knees as well because it is so moisturizing for my extra dry skin!

I love citrus smelling body washes but they seem to irritate my skin most of the time!  When I saw this lemon scented shower gel from L'Occitane I wanted to give it a try and I am so glad I did!  It smells so refreshing for your morning shower and is gentle enough that it didn't irritate my extremely dry and sensitive skin!  I love using the Verbena Hand Cream after this shower gel.  They're the perfect combination!

If you suffer from dry skin or heels on your feet, this foot cream is for you!  I've never found a foot cream that I thought smelled good and actually helped moisturize my feet until now!  This cream is infused with lavender essential oil and contains 15% shea butter.  It is sooo moisturizing and smells amazing!  I love putting this on right before bed and then putting socks on and when I wake up my feet are incredibly soft and ready for the day.

The Luxury Advent Calendar is absolutely amazing!  I loved every product in this box and had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites!  Like the Signature Advent Calendar, it contains 24 different beauty products to try!  I love how this calendar has different drawers for each day in the month of December!  It's valued at $174.50 but is sold for only $124.50!  It's such a great deal!

This relaxing shower gel is the perfect treat after a long and stressful day!   It smells absolutely amazing and is made up of plant essential oils.  When you use it the gel turns into a gentle foam that cleanses your skin without drying it out.  I use this almost every single night and I am planning on buying the full size bottle when this runs out! This is definitely my favorite item from the entire calendar.

I have very sensitive skin, especially on my face, but love anti-aging products!  It can be really hard to find anti-aging products that actually work without being too "intense" and irritating my skin.  This Divine Cream is just that, divine!  It gently moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling incredibly soft, while at the same time helping my skin stay youthful and vibrant!  I can't recommend this cream enough! My mom is even hooked on it now!

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect cleansing oil that doesn't irritate my eyes but also takes off all my face and eye makeup!  This cleansing oil does just that!  I love that it is so gentle and removes every trace of makeup off my face.  It even leaves my face feeling so soft and moisturized I almost feel as if I don't need any moisturizer on afterwards! 

This shower cream is perfect for travel and on the go!  Not only can you use it as a shower gel, but you can use it as a shampoo too!  It leaves your skin so soft and smells amazing!  I feel like I'm saying that every product smells amazing but it's true!

There are so many more amazing products in each of these calender's and I can't recommend them enough!  Definitely grab one or both for yourself as a gift or just to try new products out!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO Cassie

*Thank you L'Occitane for sponsoring this post!