If you've been debating cutting your hair recently but aren't sure what style you would like to do, an easy way to help you decide is finding out what your face shape is.  Depending on the shape of your face, there are certain hair cuts and styles that are very flattering for each face shape.  If you are unsure what your face shape is an easy way to help determine it is to take a photo of yourself with all of your hair pulled back.  After taking a photo, trace the outside of your face and see what shape it most closely resembles.  The most common face shapes are rectangle, oval, diamond, triangle, square, heart, round and oblong.  I have included an image to help you determine your face shape below!  

Image from http://avenuehairdesign.net/face-shape/
If your face is approximately the same length and width it is probably either square or round shaped and if your face gets wider from your forehead to your jaw it is probably triangle shaped.  If you have an oval shaped face, your face is very well balanced and can pretty much pull off any hair style or cut you choose.  Long hair and short crops tend to be the most flattering though!  If you have a rectangle shaped face you will want to focus on hair styles and cuts that soften your sharp jaw without elongating your face any further.  For rectangle shaped faces you want to focus on soft layered looks with short to medium hair length.  If you prefer longer hair, try to style your hair with curls to provide a horizontal opposition to your face shape for balance.

If you have a square shaped face, try to find styles that offset the sharp angles of your face.  Side parts of any hair length and long layers tend to be the most flattering!  If you have a heart shaped face, you want to focus on styles that help to balance your face shape and add fullness around your jaw area.  For diamond shaped faces, you want to focus on styles that soften the sharp angles of your face and balance your cheekbones.  Mid to long lengths of hair with side parts help to balance your cheekbones and soften sharp edges but if you prefer shorter hair a chin length bob is the most flattering look!  Ponytails are also extremely flattering for diamond shaped faces.

For round shaped faces, you want to find hair styles and cuts that help to add definition and shape to your face.  Long hair with long layers starting around the jawline help to length your face or choppy pixie cuts if you prefer shorter hair!  Try to avoid bobs or single length cuts which only add to the roundness of your face.   For triangle shaped faces, you want to find styles and cuts that balance your jawline and minimize your bottom heavy facial features.  Hair cuts that focus on layers that end at the eyes, cheekbones or collarbones are extremely flattering.  Try to avoid cuts or layers near your chin as they will only accentuate your jaw line.  If you prefer shorter hair, try to avoid straight bobs and opt for a choppy pixie style.

What's your face shape and favorite hair cut?!  Regardless of your face shape or hair cut, as long as you feel confident and beautiful that is all that really matters!

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XOXO Cassie